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Thank you for being interested in Content writing ” QPT ” Follow the rules and regulations of my website. Which I have mentioned below

Quality Posts Times

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  • Unique and specific content and a copy-paste image that we want.
  • QPT accepted at least 650 words.
  • QPT accepted a maximum of 4000 words and if there was an article with more words than that, we don’t publish it.

People are constantly looking for new stories and new ideas. It helps to understand desire and determination. That way, people are constantly looking for simple and unique content. This is what the future holds for others. Assuming you have a thought or story to write for QPT.

To get the latest news, you need to look at the content of our website and find what kind of unique content we are publishing. That way, you’ll have an idea of how we’re moving forward.

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I give a discount to one customer, then we have no justice with other customers so the price is the same for all customers. The cost of the ” QPT ” site change next year. Which will apply to the current pace of every year.

QPT Payment Methods

Cost: $ each post and We only work with the rates that we indicate here. Our rates are not negotiable, please do not insist.

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The Good News For You Is We Also Have A Local Bank Service. Which Includes The Countries’ Accounts?

UNITED KINGDOM “Barclays bank”
UNITED STATES “Bank of America”
SINGAPORE “Citibank N.A., Singapore Branch “
AUSTRALIA “Citibank”
CANADA “Digital Commerce Bank”
IRELAND “Citibank”
JAPAN “MUFG Bank, Ltd.”
SINGAPORE “Citibank N.A., Singapore Branch“

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